Ana María Manuel Rosa


Ana María Manuel Rosa


Memorable Late Night Moments


Like sailing in unknown waters to

New adventures in the night rest

Unconscious; like, brooding wandering

Among clouds of real and unreal experiences,

Other invisible, or maybe just

Illogical possibly fantastic.

Night bulwarks between stars that

Illuminate, both in the dark and; in

The souls in sorrows and among others

To the thoughts that swarm sailing in

The empty night of voices, laughter and people.

Striking thoughts clarifying facts for

The next day that, will surely be found

In the rest night in peace riding on

Friendly horse in foresight dreams of

Actions and the angels that say "Rest and

Tomorrow you will fix it ... now you can't...”

The solution and the will to put everything in

The right place... away from the gaze of the underworld.

Critic who pretends to be judge and party. Only God

Is judge in heaven of the earthly that mobilizes

The conscience of the own being showing the error.

Solve what worries and reveals every day

It is the problem that accuses in the conscience. And there,

The thoughts do not stop criticizing in the mind

Until; mistake and blame are assumed...

The way to approach it to correct is...

The morning begins quietly in search of repair.

Discovering in the memories those details that;

Only in repose can friends be found inseparable

That accompany from birth... consciousness,

Reasoning, discernment, and goodness!

Inseparable nighttime moments before going to sleep!






In the serenity of the night, balance

In the thinking balance... images and

Adventures ride in the sleeping mind

Exploring other spatial dimensions

Where; it only goes in there, when it is

Fast asleep; and where everything is

Possible… flight of angels and archangels that

They come and go, some guarding and watching

Restful sleep and others caressing

The soft and lush skin of the face with the wings

Loving as white as their angelic purity.

One travels in the dream; as if flying on the own

Miracle without explanation... without question,

Without consciously thinking why it remains

In the air... and thus the living dead appear that

In the earthly dimension they are no longer because

They went with the Lord to the hereafter. And they

Come back in dreams to give messages that they

Didn´t say before to leave. The meeting in unreal

Virtually among the living in that twilight zone

And the spirits of those who no longer have a body

Physical; well buried they are to give a hug giving

Calm to those who exist in the face of adversity.

And in the memory, jasmine and roses fragrances

Swarm, the look of memories of the known...

The beauty of forest and jungle landscapes

Tropical... and the gentle flight between all birds

Peaceful. Forgetfulness of guilt, selfishness, offenses,

Jealousy, betrayals, sins and envy of a world

In turbulence consecrated to the abominable evil.

Perhaps it is the time of the twilight of life; epoch

Of tribulations, of balance between what is

Good and what not to discard the bad and the perverse.

The fight between good and evil melts in the dream

Where while resting a war occurs.

Battles of gods happen in one dimension

Hard to understand that, not everyone understands

That also in the invisible there are struggles for power

Of who rules the world and that is how some understand it

That a war was unleashed by events that happen

In broad daylight. While the soul sleeps, angels

Whisper in the ear caressing feathers from their wings

To the one who lies in bed. Slight musealization

Of peace chimes indicating that not everything is

Lost, that only good people are and always will be

Next to one; and those who don't, then let them

Continue on their way because, they are temporary

Passengers of teachings and learnings for us to be better people.




Guilt And Condemnation


Everyday events surround life itself on the schedule

What; challenge a new day; and there is the fault that

Menacing and vigilant, waiting for her moment to

Torment in solitude and without eye witnesses present.

Everything seems normal and serene in the goodness

Of repose night; but just put the head on the pillow

Thoughts flutter whipping mercilessly before deep

Sleep entered. Nothing and nobody knows about

Those thoughts of what was done ... those memories

From what has been done during the day. Memories

Of what that it is good and of everything that is wrong;

Trying to disparage someone's public image; or perhaps

From a stranger without world fame, like they can

Be a friend, family member, or someone at work.

And at night when you are alone, with your head

Posing on the softness of the pillow... is she the plain

And simple nude guilt, to the flagrant of the night

Sorry for the facts that don't go back but; that

Disturb rest and anxiety to change what happened...

Yes there in the dark of the night he is... Tyrant judge

Who points over, over and over again interrupting

The rest, the power to close the eyes and the power to put

The mind at rest and at peace. The presence of the intruder

That he appeared without being called; comes for one

To judge Relentless without masks, how villain to unmask

And embarrass and deliberate to unveil the whole dream.

But peace does not come; until in, that night trial

In the presence of the prosecutor... the night with

The judge dressed of darkness with the deep and

Dry voice of who knows where it appears from

Point finger pointing at the sleepy culprit awake.

The jury agrees the verdict of "Guilty again”, whose

Condemnation is “to reverse the situation at the dawn

Of the new day asking for forgiveness! to the victim

And vindicate the good image of the victim to whom

He purposely or negligently harmed himself

To that innocent absent in the defamatory chain.

That condemnation frees the mind pacifying the soul

Of the condemned; well, if it doesn't revert, the next

Night and the other night... the judge and the jury will

Be there saying "Guilty". This kills and imprisons

Because the long-awaited peace will not appear because

Rest nocturnal and the repercussions of it on the physical

Body they will take time to appear. The bad character will

Start to act in all areas with typical errors at work

Badly done work and social condemnation will soon come.




Dr. ANA MARÍA MANUEL ROSA, born in the city of San Rafael in the province of Mendoza (Argentina), is a Bromatologist received at the National University of Cuyo, Professor of English as a Second Language received in the USA, Tutor in Virtual Environments received at ITU Technological University Institute from UNCUYO, Literary Corrector, Editor and Writer. The famous writer, novelist, poet, short story writer, researcher, historian and international speaker Ana María Manuel Rosa is Doctor Honoris Cause, has the Recognition of the Medal of the Order of Cervantes and the Recognition of the Medal of Kairat Duissenov; she is an Honorary Member of the International Arts Council (IAC); Director of the Mendoza Delegation of the North American Academy of International Modern Literature ANLMI Argentine Republic Chapter; Member of CIESART 2017105433-AR; Honorary Member of the Union of Writers and Artists of Tarija; Latin American Lady of Poetry; Recognition of the Academy of the Government of Gujarat India for Argentina within 350 writers and poets of the world from 80 countries; Peace Love Member of International Human Rights Organization IHRO; Universal Ambassador of Peace from Universal Circle of Peace Ambassadors (France-Swiss); Universal Ambassador of Culture; Literature Ambassador; International Ambassador for Creativity and Humanity; Cultural Ambassador for the World in Argentina of CIESART; Women Ambassador Sunflower Culture of Equity; and Humanitarian Ambassador; Ambassador of  Access to Human Rights International AHRI; and International Ambassador of Peace of World Literary Forum for Peace and Human Rights WLFPHR. She has already published 22 books of the complete authorship of her. Featured books: "SIN ESCRÚPULOS II - SEXUAL SLAVERY AND THE DISAPPEARANCE OF PEOPLE" by the Chamber of Senators of the Province of Mendoza (Argentina) declared of interest and "MALVINAS - THE ENDLESS WAR" by the Honorable Deliberative Council of San Rafael (Mendoza) declared of social, educational and community interest. She has participated in more than 60 Anthologies from Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru, Trinidad, USA, Albania, India, Indonesia and Taiwan (Spanish, English, Bengali, Hindi and Mandarin Chinese); written in international virtual magazines; she has made presentations on "Sexual slavery, human trafficking and disappearance of people" and "Information and Communication Technologies or ICT"; interviewed by different media; won international literary competitions; participated in international meetings of face-to-face writers in Bolivia, Colombia and Venezuela, and currently in important international meetings on virtual platforms in Argentina, Bolivia, Costa Rica, Chile, Spain and Mexico. And she has been multi-awarded worldwide with Great Women 2020 awards, Vip Gold Lighthouse 2020, Mendocino Condor and Nevado Solidary 2018 in Argentina; Light to Excellence 2019 in Colombia; declared Distinguished Visitor by the municipalities of Tarija and San Lorenzo in 2019; Woman of letters and Historian in Latin America, Honorary Member of Literature and Outstanding Personality of the year 2019 at the Intercontinental Latin American Gold Awards of Venezuela; Excellence in Literature at the 2019 Latin Music Awards; and Universal Ambassador for Literature, Peace, and Culture in the 2020 Intercontinental Latin American Gold Awards.

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