Ana Lucreţia Nedelcu


Ana Lucreţia Nedelcu


Evening Confessions...


When the evening comes

he prepares the mighty pen in detail

for a full night

of written confessions...

he keeps them deep down

in an endless memory lane

only for the beloved to hear...

for the lover to feel...

for the adored to cherish...

as for all to become fragrant...

When night comes... hmmm

madness unleashes

from the strings

of its human limits

letting go of the goddesses

the inks... the overcrowded hearts

while the thunders strike

all at once

preparing the storm

of the unbridled fire

...of the mighty pen...

he slowly starts writing

his love whispers all over her curves... printing the ink

into her soft skin

making her moan

at the sweet bites of his words...

... printing his love into her depths.

When midnight comes... hmmm

pasion overloads

her body is now covered

in his perfervid letters

his verses speak from miles afar

...into her very embrace...

after the storm and pages all over filled

...with her...

she now becomes the book

of avid love inks

of oceans` nymphs

she`s already prepared

as his book of desire, his adored, his beloved

... and universe`s dedication

of an authentic love

for a Woman.





Intimate I


I adore you in a way

only gods can understand

sometimes it`s even

beyond my own

human status

... but as I meditate

on it....

the way I love you

has made me immortal...

it has made me a creature

of the universe

before and after death...

you are the entire

universe to my senses

and I thank those gods

for opening my paths

that lead to you...

... for offering me the...


supreme gift for a perfect

fulfilling existence

... the way I adore you...

... the way I love you...

... the way our love


it`s from the outer limits

from the unspeakable

as well as from the magic

of life itself...

the one most mortals

don`t even know exist...

it`s all about the way

my body swims

in its entrances

when I think of you...

when I feel our love

coming together as one

such amazing feeling...

it`s the way I feel you

as my home

the way I always felt

at home

by your side

no matter where

we were…

call me a believer,

an idealist,

an innocent child,

maybe a crazy woman,

but it`s the truth

that stands tall

You are my daily


rising with me

each morning

across the oceans…

making my existence

a rainbow

of canvases…

portraits of beauty…

the one that comes from

our perfect love…

I long to hear your voice

in my ear

the way you whisper

those sensual claims

it ignites the passions


the way your hands

explore my body

in small earthquakes…

I`m like a pulsing gift

wrapped up

in red ribbons

all prepared for you…

like virgins eager

to have their first love

discovering their

passionate secrets…

and when you have me

in your arms

in the centre of

your palms,

open the box

and I will rise

as a one thousand petals

of a rose…

smiling at you

with the face

of an enchanting soul

oh… I am so eager

to taste you all...!

and make of your arms

the ribbon of my

very own charms…

may I...?...





INTIMATE II ~ First Time…


She and him… and this night

One of many amazing


Between two soulmates…

She and him…

nicely wrapped up

like a holiday gift

in a magic veil of passion…

the one you find only in fairies

their bodies embraced

in the fused light

under the mysterious

nigh shade

She and him…

they are both shy

in their own way and figure

like a child

she embraces innocence

with her eyes big,

her body trembling with desire

curiosity as same as a slight

and exciting fear of the



A sweet virgin

waiting for a night to be taken

and lead to the unbearable

lust field

with her childish nipples

staring at him…

”take me” she says

“I trust you completely,


an unborn

a child

a young virgin


a magnificent stallion

powerful black beauty

as same as tenderness

and caress

the perfect man…

his scent deepen between

her thighs

his skin printed into her curves

she starts to moan

in the midst of their intimacy

while he penetrates

her virginity

magic occurs… divine effect

could she ask for more?...

this amazing dance of energies

each taking the lead

into the tango rhythm…

up and down

rising to the ceiling and back

like rain dropping into

the soils

and wet vapors returning

into the bright blue sky…

What is this tremor

of emotions?

… the skin soaked in clouds

of sweat

into the waters of their womb

sweet eyes and glances

taken by surprise

lips printed to their cheeks

and skin

him… leaning his greatness

over her innocent thoughts

and the door to this

magic field of gods…

when caterpillars become


she slowly turns

into an open flower

when spring brilliantly

devours nature

she slowly turns

into a woman

and the process becomes real

transposed into evolution

a child is born

a seed becomes a flower

a new beginning arises

within the willingness

and surprise

of her desire

and with the deepest

emotions, moves

tenderness and touch

of a Magician,

a Father,

a Lover...

her God…

a majestic statue persists up

on a high pedestal

while lust becomes love

… and they become one

… always a first time…

each time… a first time…

and new open doors





Intimate Iii


The way he indulges

into her depths

calling her desires

to burst into flames…

until the moment

she will spring ahead

into her delicious

nectar… spread

in mystified lust

upon the waves of

their oceans

and desire for


He then covers

her nakedness

with the madness of his


the unbearable crave

for her fragrance

the skin that trembles

at his very first touch…

his warm body

and the strength of

his arms

erupt onto her intimate


from where he can not


he swims under

her waves…

licks the honey of her


streaming passion

onto her blooming

carnal rose…

nectar comes alive

and sweet like milk

and honey

shed from their perfect


while she moans

inside the pleasures

of a love release…

their perfect measures…

He remains in awe

of her lovely smile

on her cheeks it`s

now written

or maybe

on a sheet pile

or stamped

onto their land mile

from where she appears

the steady rock of his life

reliance and trust

the existence offered him

the key

to her universe

that now stands behind,

sustaining this

harmonized frame

of their destinies aligned.

the magic encounter,

the way she holds

his body

into her divine feminine


arouses the memories

printed to his cells…

and starts roaring

with delight…

he takes her close

to his stunning figure…

she almost faints

at his overwhelming


… his charming


he`s now dominating

her entirely

oh… the way he devours


the way he claims

her beauty

to be his all of this


with tenderness and

primal desire

the sweet blooded fire…

Oh… the way she adores


in no human words

can she express

only she knows its best

intoxicating love…

is to be addressed…




ANA LUCREŢIA NEDELCU: Ana (pen name LiterAnART) is a philologist (English and Spanish graduator and teacher) from Romania, Eastern Europe. Her mother-tongue is Romanian. She has been writing for over ten years and she has widely published in her country and abroad, having multiple international collaborations. (over 20 literary anthologies) She is a writer, poetess, journalist, researcher, book editor, reviewer and translator (she has worked on 20 literary books). She also writes movie reviews. Ana teaches creative writing workshops and represents the World Poetry Canada association in her country. She made her literary debut in 2009 in a regional anthology. Her solo debut volume contains 365 poems (2017), all written in the English language, poems dedicated to love, nature and spirituality.


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