Leena Auckel


Leena Auckel


Ticking Clock


Tick tock tick tock

My forlorn mind stuck

On that wooden ticking clock

Night is looming with its cloak


My forlorn mind stuck

My tired eyes looking for Sleep

But she always plays hide and seek

Leaving me in bed untucked


On that wooden ticking clock

The hand stops at twelve

In a vortex of thoughts, I delve

Insecurities and worries wreak havoc


Night is looming with its cloak

Me Turning and tossing, plucking dainty lace

While Everyone is wrapped in Sleep's embrace



Vanished Moments


 Dream cottage, nestled in the woods

Tastefully decorated with puerile love

A beautiful canvas portraying their togetherness

Placed above their favourite spot -The fireplace.


A fireplace where hearts were poured out,

The love brewing in the air

Setting the embers ablaze .

Spending midnights in each others embrace.


Now he burns the midnight oil

Staring at the fireplace full of

Remnants of burnt love letters.

Once a blazing bonfire turned to Ash

How he misses those midnight moments

Now he got nothing but piquing lament

How he wished he could turn the hands of time.

And the bells of love could again chime.



Moonlight Meet


Full moon peers from behind the clouds

Throwing a blanket of light on the grave

A flimsy light slowly rises from the tomb

Glides across the eerie cemetery lantern in hand.


The Grandfather's clock strikes midnight

The coffin in the old mansion creaks open

Drops of blood from the last feast

Stains the grimy floor.


The door slams open-shut, the windows rattle

The floating lantern approaches,

Her misty hair covering her empty sockets.

She lingers on the mansion's porch


Dracula steps outside

And they twirl back in time

Lost in their nightly dance

Which they await every fortnight.


The clock strikes again

Harbinger of the dawn break

He goes back in his coffin

She goes back to her grave.




LEENA AUCKEL is from Mauritius, a tropical island in the Indian Ocean. She is presently working Medical Doctor.  She started writing as a hobby back in college and gradually, written words became her lifebuoy.  She frequently switches between her pen and stethoscope to keep herself grounded in both passions. Her poems have been published in various international online magazines, including Spillwords and ActiveMuse. She also writes short stories, published by EvePoetry Magazine. Her short story “A Magical Tour” was published on Kindle as part of an anthology- Voiceclub Winning stories 2020. She also has few audio stories on Alexa, one of which ‘The Garden round the corner” secured the third place in the short story competition for Scary category. Her pandemic poem is also featured in the upcoming 2021 Anthology of Poetry Planet Publishing House. She was recently the Winner of an International Litfest organized by Ink Dew Publications, and subsequently took part in a fruitful online Poetry Meet, along with eminent Poets from India and Dubai in March 2021.

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